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We create lasting relationships

After 10 years of designing and building businesses, Waldon Fenster and the Venture Studio team have identified many techniques that help create successful companies.

This experience has been integrated into a platform to help business owners increase their businesses chance of success. We plan to focus on just a few active companies at any one time. With primary goal to help build and launch 50 companies per year.

VS Capital will be the investment arm of the studio that will seed fund each qualified company. VS Capital will typically invest between $10K–$500k of seed capital, and the Venture Studio team will spend significant time on every project. Venture Studio memberships are used to fund the fund.

VS Purpose will be the non profit arm of the studio that will use revenue to provide for the less fortunate. VS Purpose will take a 10% of generated revenue from the startup and deploy it into causes globally. Rather than providing services for companies after they have achieved traction, VS will actively guide founders from inception toward product-market fit.

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All venture-building companies share four values: capital commitment, industry experience (market knowledge, know-how, and operational expertise), a strong desire to build something new, and a natural gravitation towards collaboration (correlated with a respect for the values of trust, friendship, and loyalty). Where we will stand out is on our fifth value of GIVING Back. While aligning our businesses to our non profit.

Our target entrepreneurs are in constant need to innovate, enhance, and build better solutions.  They can’t be trapped by the static nature of success. They need to challenge things and to feel challenged.

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Our Philosophy

The Foundation of Venture Studio



We only work with qualified applicants. This vetting process is to insure that we only work with driven and inspired individuals.



We align our self as a partner of capital, relationship and support.  Our staff comes beside you to guarantee success.



Through our partnerships in a variety of industries, we look to disrupt your industry by providing funding, technology and accountability.



Through mentorship and accountability via masterminds and online groups, we aim to have you skip over hurdles and errors that most entrepreneurs will make while achieving a higher level of success.

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