Ascension 2019

An Elite Conference with the Goal of Disrupting Your Industry!

Your Competition Won't Know What Hit Them.

~ Chicago IL – September 2019 ~

Download Event Details

This PDF document will give you insight on what to expect from Ascension 2019. From the All-Star speaker list to workshops, panels, networking and logistics. All of your questions should be answered.

Collaborated Business Accelerator

Learn from industry experts. These professionals truly have the key to success. Our speakers come from traditional marketing, online marketing, legal, tax, funding and development backgrounds. This group of All-Stars guarantee to unlock your hidden business potential.

Did you know our Venture Studio Elite & Diamond Members are able to attend Ascension 2019 for FREE? This Live Event is just one of many perks that members receive. To learn more about the Elite or Diamond Membership please click here.

Did you know that your event ticket covers all of your food, networking and drinks? Our aim is to eliminate any objection that you may have making one of the best business decisions possible.

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