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We Simply Save You Time and a Fortune

Did you know? According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the average employee costs an employer 46.3% in benefits above and beyond their salary? This covers retirement, health care, taxes, continuing education, and paid leave.

Did you know? According to recent statistics, employee turnover costs companies an average of 16% for low salaried employees and as much as 213% to replace and train qualified management. The average cost to replace an employee is about $4,000 and the average time required to replace an employee is over 50 days.

Did you know? Over 65% of polled Millennials believe it's your job to provide them accelerated development opportunities to encourage them to stay.

Save Headaches

Employment compliance with laws and regulations costs employers billions per year. Workplace training and development is a massive problem. Leadership training is one of the main HR problems in the US.

Ahead of the Curve

You are now able to avoid the pitfalls of becoming stagnant or obsolete. We are on the cutting edge, even if your staff isn’t. Fresh ideas, fresh perspectives. Access high level corporate training in multiple critical business niches with our Venture
Studio Events as well as private events tailored to your needs.

Please note that all Enterprise Level Clients are custom quotes for services from Venture Studio.

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